Sunday, September 10, 2006

The fourth and the first

So, here it is-- my new space on the information superhighway.

For those of you who've been kept up to date, you'll remember that the reason I abandoned Blogger was because I needed a new fresh change to alleviate the writer's block, or writer's fatigue, as it were. It did help for a while, and Wordpress' limitations on layout modification also eased my obsessive compulsive inclinations.

But since my life is entering a new chapter, I figured so should my blog. A nice big change, no looking back. Also, over time I discovered that I missed the free reign over my blog template. The power to make my blog look however the heck I wanted it to. So I figured, to hell with my OCD, I want a spiffy new look! And after much tweaking, here it is. I'm quite pleased with what I've achieved. It's clean and looks good, almost professional-like. I'm especially happy with the little icons and the wicked sidebar.

I spent 5 straight hours slaving over every miniscule and infinitesimal detail. Funny... I'd almost forgotten how soothing it can be.

By Chester with 12 comments


hehe! new blog again? :D

link me!!!


Sweet! I like-y your blog. hey, link me!

love every detail of your blog :) i shud hire you to design for me :P haha..

could u pls refresh us on what transition you're going through right now?

all d best :)

- pip

[Caroline] Done.
[panda girl] Miss you.
[alex] Thanx. :D
[jana] Already did. :p
[pip] I just arrived in Manchester about 3 hours ago. Already unpacked everything and am just relaxing.

hi chessss!!..haha..hows the weather?

Hehe it's good. A tiny bit chilly, but it's a nice kind of chilly.

Haha yeah. It's nice here, though I can't really officially have an opinion till I've been up and about over the next week or so.

Man.... Beautiful pictures hehe brings me back memories, wish i could go back one day over there. It would be great.

Miss you bro. Keep safe. Mancunians are wild! Just kidding.

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