Friday, October 6, 2006

Ninja terrorist

It's been pretty cold lately this week, and coupled with the rain, has made it a pretty miserable few days. The upside is I finally got a chance to break in my new umbrella.

And of course, there's the hours of fun to be had with steam breath. But after a while, it gets too cold to play.

Since it was a cold (and wet) day, I bundled up to keep warm and dry and managed to snap this clandestine picture. And by clandestine, I mean taking it in such a way that no one would notice and label me a poser.

My initial thought was like, "Whoa. Ninja!"

But my second thought was less flattering--


By Chester with 7 comments


hahaha. i just had to burst out laughing when i read your 2nd thought -.-" and i never knew umbrellas had to be broken into. boots yes, but umbrellas?

Haha by "break in", what I really mean is that I finally got to use it. It finally got to get wet.

Yep. Check it out--

Judging from the eye level and the size of your face..looks like somebody lost weight already eh??

LOL I wish. Maybe in the face only haha. I have been eating less though. Stress la haha.

lol!i never knew it was called a burqa...i jsut always thot in my head is like...giant tudong that covers face

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