Monday, October 2, 2006


Now that's advertising.

By Chester with 5 comments


Was out shopping with Mum just now getting groceries and we were arguing about which toilet paper to buy. She wanted to get the cheaper ones whereas I wanted to get the expensive ones.
Come on, it's for your bum! I believe in getting good quality, ultra soft tissues ok. I can't and won't scrimp on that!
Wish they sold that brand of TP here. I'd so buy it.

hehe... isn't is amazing how you have to tailor the ad to the customer? if they'd try this in the US - i predict a MAJOR flop. why? because it says 'toilet' instead of 'bathroom' - how uncouth in "civilized" USA...

but isn't this the company that drew the wrath of a large community for their indecent exposures in their visual ads? i remember some pretty nasty posters... i really didn't need to see how hairy some people could be down there, nor the bulges (okay, i'll stop there ;) )

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