Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yo from Gildridge Road

Flight to Singapore:

So here I am, cruising at 30,000 feet (or so the captain would have me believe). The plane is trembling a bit from some slight turbulence, and I can't help but have images of flaming wreckage hurtling to the sea below.

Are we even over sea? *Looks out window*

We're higher than the clouds, and it's quite peaceful. That is, if you can block out the constant drone of the engines.

How do I feel? Well, DUH... I miss everyone terribly. I'm a little surprised I didn't bawl at the airport, but I think all the reassurance from everyone that it's only a year away, and really only 3 months before I'm home again had a hand in that. I think sitting on the plane in the 15 minutes before take-off was the hardest. Now begins the countdown to going home.

Ooh, FOOD! Lunch is being served. I just realized how hungry being depressed makes me. This is why sad people get fat.

Damn comfort food...

Flight to Manchester:

It's so quiet on the plane. Been dark ever since we took off. Watched Forrest Gump for the second time... cried both times too. Such a good movie.

And there she goes again. The little toddler has been crying continually through the flight. I wonder what she's wailing about... I wonder if anyone else is as annoyed as I am.

Ah, breakfast. Omelette du fromage with sausage and roasted vegetables. C'est magnifique, non?

So here I am in Manchester. Weather's good if a tiny bit chilly at times, though I'm told this is an unusually warm day... o_O" It's cold enough that there isn't any need for air-conditioning, even with the windows closed... although I wonder what it's like in summer. Would probably sweat like a pig in a sauna.

Got here at about 6.30am and was showered and all unpacked 3 hours later. The Internet connection is bloody unbelievable and is totally wicked.

Tomorrow's another new day. I might go plum-picking in the backyard, and later help my uncle set up his new HDTV. Will keep you all posted on what I get up to. Just so you know, I'm leaving the time stamps on my posts on Brunei time.

Miss you all terribly. Keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine.

P.S. I heard the clip-clop of hooves and looked out the window and saw horses!! I am so sakai.

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Plum picking?!


How you feelin now?

ah you leave your timestamps Bruneian time too???

The Internet connection is bloody unbelievable and is totally wicked. - i know right!? point at laugh at e-speeders!

on one of the planes i got onto on the way here to canada i swear i saw a john locke from lost look-a-like. not very comforting, after what happened to their plane.

hope everything is going good for you.

Welcome to the West, my friend. [Would've loved to say that out aloud, in a true Tubbish (Mancunian) accent, but this'll hafta do].

Try not to miss Brunei too much while you're here. Be sure to try out authentic fish & chips (the best I've had was in London at North Sea, so do pay it a visit when you're there) and of course jacket potato and baked beans...

And why not cross the Atlantic to pay me a visit when you're so close?

Best wishes.

Fat people are fat because they like food not cause they're depressed :P

Damn, I AM jealous. You are in UK and I might be going to Australia =(

[josh] Haha I would laughat e-speeders, but I'm still technically one when I go home, so I'll just wallow in Telbru anger instead.
[mun] We'll see how it goes, dude. Need to get my bearings first before I do any major travelling.
[alex] I was talking about sad people hehe.

Haha yeah I never see horses before. Sorry la. :p

hehe they have horse carriages in melb too!..hmm altho instead of takign a picture of them..i have one of their..erm..poop...lol!

LOL fortunately I haven't seen that yet. But this wasn't a carriage! It was like, full-on horse riding! On a street!

Hehe back home, only royalty ride horses, and even then, not on roads and streets.

Don't worry! You're not the only one! The only horse I've seen was on that Disney Channel movie...I forgot the name! I'd be more sakai tahn you la... :p

Haha yeah. By the way, wasn't that movie called Spirit something something Cimarron?

donnoe!! hehe...i don't think that's the one I watched...It was a really cartoon-y movie... =)

Yeah, that Cimarron whatever thing was a cartoon movie.

yea...but the one I watched wasn't it. You know like all those baby shows...yea... :p

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