Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Woke with the dawn

Ah yes, the next day. Woke up and brushed my teeth, and nearly yelled when I touched the water. It's ice-cold. Oh, and apparently drinkable. I don't know about that though... All the years of religiously purifying, boiling and filtering water have rendered me a tad unsure about drinking tap water. Ah well, gotta get used to it.

Today was sunny and totally gorgeous.

Again, I'm told it's unusual right now. I wouldn't presume to assume God's easing me into frigid weather, but it's nice to dream, eh?

Helped my uncle set up his brand new 50-inch HDTV. There was a lot of heavy lifting, moving of shelves, plenty of DIY and general manual labour involved, but it's all done now. A thing of beauty, it is.

Imagine playing PS2 on that! Oh, and just so you get an idea of how big this monster is, do you see those stickers on the top left corner? Size of my hand...

On a more retarded note, apparently the Force is a tool of Satan, and R2D2 is a false God.

Link update: Added The Creation of Man.

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i'll keep u in prayers.
hehe! sounds like ur having a good time with uncle and aunty! whole house to yourself eh? say hi to them for me ;) aah! excited for you. haha... and yeah horse-ies! i would have been like ooo too! miss you anyways. God be with you cuz :D

Haha yeah. I wonder if I'll ever get to use it for my PS2. :D

The apparently "drinkable" tap-water - at least in London - is absolutely disgusting. There's a layer of oil you can see on a glass of the stuff, visible especially on a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

I'd say an investment in a Brita water-filter pitcher (about GBP 30 for the entire year inlcuding cartridges) is money well spent, at least for Londoners...

what kind of tv is that? HDTV? i dunno with technology nowadays. and are you thinking of getting a xbox360 there? or do you still think of bill gates as the devil? hehehe...

and that is one long 'creation of man' thing!

[mun] The water here isn't so bad. I think.
[josh] Yeah, HD. Nope, I'm a PS fan.

Hey Ches~ We miss uuu~

Just letting u know that ill be going to UK next year.. so.. lets shop =p

Miss you guys too! You are? When and what for?

Prolly during the semester break. Im visiting my Bro. =) =)

tap water in Manchester is quite ok but London's taste weird.

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