Monday, December 11, 2006

Simple pleasures

I've always said that a year is a long time. I've realized that even 3 months is long, because things happen and change in even that seemingly short span of time.

Case in point-- I'd subconsciously tried to keep a distance from all things Mancunian, simply because I'd always wanted my heart to stay wholly Bruneian. But lately I've come to realize that I've become quite attached to the group of friends I spend time with here. I still dislike the weather and don't really like the constantly bustling busyness of the city, but at the end of it, I can't help enjoying my time here because of the little motley crew I hang with. The highlights of my life here are with them, and they always make it enjoyable.

Tonight we went out to dinner together after a carol service in church, and it was a simple affair-- just 7 of us enjoying one another's company (it could've been more of us, but the others couldn't make it for whatever reasons). And afterwards, we left and were all in the car-park goofing around and laughing despite the frigid wind, and as I looked at them all, I just smiled and thanked God for bringing simple pleasures into my life in the form of great company. I felt great.

I was just..... happy.

By Chester with 4 comments


Just put Take That's - The Mancunian Way on your favorite music player on repeat and be on your way...

haha. good one nick! well...guess there's there's nothing wrong with distancing yourself from all things Mancunian and perhaps 'Take That's - The Mancunian Way', but I don't suppose there's any harm in making some new friends. of course they never will replace the good ol' buddies from Brunei, but more good friends the merrier?

glad to hear you're happy! it does take a while to find some good new friends :)

[Nick] Never heard that song hehe.
[Josh] Yeah, the more the merrier.

Nevermind then... Just remember that even though you're in someplace different now, you'll always have a home to come back to...

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