Saturday, December 9, 2006

Birthday buff

Well, I had a good night on Thursday. Went to student fellowship and was kinda dreading a birthday cake and song combo, simply because I don't enjoy it from people I hardly know. I got back and was all prepared to settle in and watch some Naruto, but my cousin came over, and threw a little surprise party for me haha.

It was good, just a few good friends I've managed to find here in Manchester. This is the kind of birthday I love. Friends, family, and fun.

The rest of the pics are in my photostream. Go see!

And they got me a few great gifts too haha. Thanx guys! But so far the gift that has occupied me the most is something called a Buff (it's ® and everything). It's quite a versatile piece of cloth. Check it--

And a few shots of yours truly trying one out--

By Chester with 3 comments


wow. it's chinese text here!

and wow. that buff has like a gazillion uses.

the comment pop-up window had chinese text all over. well now it's fixed.

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