Thursday, November 23, 2006

I say! It's cold, what!

Since I already regaled you with things I love about Brunei, I will now tell you what I hate about being in Manchester.

Yes yes, before all you Brit-lovers and Man U fans get all uppity, there are lots of things I like about it here, most notably the plethora of consumer choice, the incredibly convenient bus system, and the fact that I actually get to dress in combinations of shirts, jumpers and jackets rather than just a t-shirt and jeans everyday. But at the end of it all, my heart is in Brunei. Despite the good things about Manchester, there are of course certain things that detract from the overall experience (besides the fact that I'm missing everyone and everything back home).

For example, I hate the fact that I have to go indoors to get warm! Hell, I hate that I want to get warm. Damn, I miss sweating. I miss being in a country where the weather makes sense! See, it rains a whole lot. The wet, I can take. Heck, Brunei has its fair share of rain. The cold, I can more or less bear. It's the cold and the wet I can't stand.

And then there's the wind. Freakin' sun of a beach, it's frigid. As if it wasn't cold enough to begin with. There's not really much one can do when the wind puckers its subzero lips and blows like its trying to asphyxiate itself. And heaven forbid you have to walk into the wind. So there I am, my face feeling like I use a dry-ice moisturizer, and I can't feel my nose. Plus, my hands feel like I stuck them in a freezer.

OK, gloves it is!

So now my hands are not quite as cold. It's all good. Except have you ever tried doing things with thick gloves on? Getting something out of my pocket makes me feel like I'm 80 with Parkinson's.

What's that? Take my gloves off? What are you, nuts?

I'm sure many of you will agree with me (keeping in mind that temperatures are 10°C and below) when I say that by far the thing I hate the most can be summed up in 3 simple words--

Cold toilet seat.

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I hear ya! The UK winds that are just cruel. Although we go down to -20 degrees Celsius here, the winds are clement, thankfully...

Gloves can be a pain in the a*se, which is why I only wear them when I must carry an umbrella or something else with my hand... else I chuck my hands into the blissfully warm, insulated pockets of my jacket. Never forget your beanie cap - it's indispensable! And always don a windproof/waterproof jacket or vest over everything else. Remember there's no excuse ever to feel cold outside if you're appropriately dressed, so feeling cold => being underdressed. And being underdressed raises the chance of frostbite significantly. Don't be fooled by those stupid(!) women who still dress in their short skirts and light tops, strutting their assets like it's still summer ;)

BTW, I'll be in London for a day in early Jan - I have plans to meet up with Christina. Wanna come down to London and join us? Be great to see you since... was it 1999?

HAHA I can so relate to the gloves and cold toilet seats.

Putting on a jacket with gloves on is tough. Getting your wallet out of your pocket with gloves is also a chore. And not to mention answering the phone!! And since these activities call for you to remove your gloves...your hands end up getting cold again.

And the cold toilet seats...not funny. Cold spray-on deodorant is also not funny.

And the sun just refuses to come out and play...and the rest of the day is left all gloomy and sad.

Yes, I'm missing everyone and everything too.

[mun] Haha thanx for the advice. I often feel the same way about those women. I always ask how they can dress like that. London, eh? We'll see. I'm not much for travel.

haha u wuss.
U forget what u've left behind here.
1. Thunderstorm-like rains and floods like the end of the world is nigh
2. (SUPER) Humid nights where, just by standing out for 2 mins, ur drenched with sweat.
3. Hot as heck parked cars that make u think the air outside is cooler than inside. (Aircons are so artificial)
4. The only steam you see here ain't from your mouth, its from the roads after a shower (see no.1)
5. No fancy flavoured crisps and sub-sandwiches here. No bacon in my Burger Kings, no REAL ham & eggs.

Other than that, yea, you ain't missing much cuz. ^_^
But hey, I miss UK. Weather or not.

You've listed a bunch of trivialities, my cousin. I miss number 1, because I like rain. Over here, I hate it. I miss number 2, 3 and 4 as well, because I miss heat. And as for number 5, well... I'm not one to be swayed by food. Besides, Brunei has food UK doesn't.

Give me Brunei over UK any day.

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