Sunday, November 26, 2006


Here are two funny videos for you lot.

By Chester with 5 comments


that guy, jack. is he the guy who does most of the movie-trailer voices?

and they made a child say penis?! haha.

No, there are other guys. He's just one of them. And what's wrong with a kid saying penis?

i think the word 'penis' is an 'orang basar saja' word. i can remember childhood days, when someone said the word 'sex' all the kids would laugh and 'cikgu, si ani cakap sex' would be going around. haha. it's one of those childhood taboo words, in my opinion.

LOL naw, if my kids asked about it, I'd teach them. Penis and vagina haha. I think it's healthy to know these things. Does away with the silly taboos.

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