Thursday, September 14, 2006

My feet hurt

Got up early today 'cause I planned to follow my aunt on to campus to find the Roscoe Building (where my orientation is) and then go exploring from there. But wouldn't you know it, it was raining.

So I got bundled up, grabbed an umbrella and after parting ways with my aunt on campus, went off in search of adventure. Or at least, to find a good shopping centre to explore.

Walked here and there, found this store called Millets and bought a whole lot of stuff-- A jacket, 2 jumpers, 2 pairs of pants and socks, and a pair of waterproof boots. Good stuff. I won't say how much dosh it came up to, but a Bruneian would probably have a heart attack. I know because about 5 minutes after I'd left the store, I actually stopped in my tracks 'cause I'd just realized how much I'd spent in Brunei $$$.

Anyhoo, seems like I'm all set for colder weather. Though that said, it's plenty cold now. At least, cold enough to have steam breath! I actually spent a few minutes just expelling lungfuls of air 'cause I was so sakai. After I was bored with steam breath (and after a few weird looks), I walked around the city. Found a few interesting spots, like Ikan.

Haha IKAN!

What can I say? Go ENG-URGH-LAND!

I was also looking for something to buy for lunch. Thought of Subway, but then I saw Burger King and I thought, "Screw Subway!" hehe. Just got back a little while ago. My feet are killing me 'cause it was a long walk back. Could've taken the bus, but opted against it since I needed to familiarize myself with my surroundings. But carrying my stuff all that way wasn't exactly a stroll in the park. It could've been, since I passed a pretty big park on the way. Haha I'm funny.

Ooh, and I went plum-picking yesterday!

"Turn your head and cough!"

Anyways, tomorrow's the first day of orientation. Wish me luck! Should be pretty fun.

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LOL And if you DO end up in Subway, the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki rocks.

This place doesn't seem as dank as my sister said :P LOL Supposedly Dublin is this great big mass of GREY, as is a good bit of London.....where you're at I assumed would be the same.

And fat people are happy people, forget this never!!!

ah subway and burger king. makes me forget about jolibee.

hi ko ches! like yer blog! very nice. good 2 hear u're settling down in england! all the best 4 orientation.=)

how many plums u plucked??? and what's the difference between subway burger king? I don't get it. It's just food! :p

[Sana] Haha duly noted.
[Josh] Haha I miss Jollibee.
[Ash] Thanx hehe.
[Caroline] There were quite a lot. And both Subway and Burger King are good. Different kinds of food la.

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