Saturday, September 16, 2006

Motley crew

The first day of orientation was so-so. Basic stuff about living in Manchester, safety, travel, finances, etc. During a short break, everyone went outside and lounged on the grass, and somehow it felt more like a campus then.

I did meet some cool characters. By the end of the first set of talks, we'd clustered into our own little gang. All in all, there was me the Bruneian, a Singaporean originally from Hong Kong, an Indonesian, a Korean, a Pole, and a Mexican. They seem like fun people, although I wonder if I'll ever really see any of them ever again after the orientation is over, given our vastly differing fields of study.

Oh, and I rode a bus home today for the first time. At least, the first time in Manchester. Almost got lost too. Got on the right bus, but the bus driver must've changed something here or there, and I ended up at some bus station somewhere. I was quite bewildered, that first step off the bus. Couldn't for the life of me figure out where I was. Thankfully, I managed to catch another bus at a nearby stop, and got back safely.

On my way to the Roscoe building, I came across this. Took me a couple of seconds to figure it out. Can you?

(Click to enlarge)

By Chester with 4 comments


haha i knew u'd get lost sooner or later.. =p

ahhh, reminiscence of the manc obscurities...
Always good to catch up on your first's while you're there.
Loved the room too. And the horses. ^_^

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