Monday, September 18, 2006

Church service

I just realized my blog has become a "what I did today" blog!

Ah well, it's what happens anyway when you experience new things in a new place. Anyhoo, attended my first church service at the Manchester Chinese Christian Church (MCCC) today. Not bad... reminded me of home a bit.

One ironic thing though-- Remember that annoying toddler on the plane that kept wailing? Coincidentally, she and her family attend this church! Imagine my surprise when I saw them there.

As for whether I'm sure it was them, trust me. You don't forget people who annoy you.

In other news, lookit!

Finally, got a line here. And got a free mobile out of the deal too meeheehee. Been playing with it non-stop since I got it. You can check it out more here. It's elegant, minimalist, and it works well.

I am so content.

By Chester with 7 comments


Hi Chester..Nice blog. Thought I'd drop by..What are you studying btw?? and'll get so used to drinking unboiled tap water that when you get'll 'forget' to boil it anymore..well it happened to me..and my parents thought i was mad!

[jess]Haha yes. Subway. Yummy.
[syang] Hi Syang! It's been a long time eh? Hahaha I doubt I'll ever forget to drink boiled water. It's too ingrained. I'm doinga degree in education, majoring in English.

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