Thursday, September 21, 2006

Long day

Ah, beautiful morning. Get on the bus, go to the city, head for Halifax and open a bank account! Shouldn't be too hard.

So I'm in Halifax. Ooh, hello! Gentleman asking me if I need help. Oh, apparently none of the personal advisers are available, so I'll have to apply for a bank account by phone. Didn't know they do that. Lady on the phone tells me I've been declined an account, and I should just ask for an "Easy Cash" application pack. Damn. Hi there, nice lady in a power suit, can I have one of those Easy Cash app whatchamacallits? Oh, wouldn't you know it, they're all out. Sorry, sir!

Walk walk walk, looking around for a good bank. Ah, here's another promising looking bank. Barclays, it's called. Dang... the guy at the counter says I have to go to the branch near the campus. Ah well, on a bus I go!

Finally! Barclays! Hello, I'm an international student studying at the University of Manchester. Can I open a bank account? Hmm? No, I don't have that kind of money for a first deposit. Oh, so only a Cash Card account? That's fine. Who needs the what now? I need a bank letter from the university? Oh ok. Be right back!

Walk walk walk. Whitworth Hall, here I come! Let's see, Committee Room B... Committee Room B... Ah, here it is. Damn, a queue. Half an hour of waiting! Hello, registration assistant! Could I have a bank letter and whatever else I need to open this bank account I need? Yes, here's my student card and please don't laugh at my retarded picture.

Yes, gots my bank letter! Back to Barclays!

Walk walk walk. Geez, my ankle hurts. Hi there! Can I open that account now? Here's my letter. WHAT?! It's wrong?! I have to get it amended?

But... they... I... sigh. OK.

Whitworth Hall! Another half an hour of waiting! Hi! This letter is wrong! Can I please get a correct one! Thank you! I hate queues!

Hello again, Barclay person! Here's the letter. It's correct. I have my documents. Now hows about that account? Eh? Too many people now? Too busy? Come back on Monday?!

Sigh. I think I'll go play with the X-Ray Bunny. Or laugh at this.

On a slightly gross note, I suddenly realized today that I haven't given my ears a good cleaning since I left Brunei. Cotton buds! To my aid! You should've seen the amount of wax on them after.

Hmm... is slight ear bleeding normal? o_O"

NB: Just for the record, I still intend to open a Barclays account. They were very nice, and genuinely were busy and didn't want me to wait hours for an account, so suggested I come back on Monday. I was just tired and irritated.

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Oh you poor thing. Two recommendations: NatWest and HSBC. If you/your parents have accounts with HSBC in Brunei (I did), they just need to see some evidence (eg. an ATM card etc), and get some not-too-onerous paperwork in place. They were quick to give Brunei a ring and set me up. Got even a credit card, plus a cheque-guarantee debit card without much finesse... And they gave me a GBP 50 reward for opening an account with them.

And NatWest, they even gave me GBP 60 for opening the account with them. Nope, I didn't give them a fat deposit either...

BUT, this was London. Dunno 'bout Mancunia...

Good luck, mate!

Sounds like you got good deals. I think things here are a lot more strict. Like, an International Students account comes with a ₤5 monthly charge! From what I gathered, Barclays is my best bet.

wow...that must have been some kinda day...haha! =)

you went wrong there cuz. HSBC would have been your best bet. What crap is barclays and halifax... u got ur info messed up.

Easier for ur folks to send u cash... and found more readily in Manc too. haha...

yup, i'm brainwashed. Can't help it, its called loyalty.

Hehe Brunei's HSBC is way better. The problem with HSBC in Manchester is that it's nowhere near as accessible as when you were here. There are a lot more restrictions now.

I mean, c'mon... £5 per month to open an account? Really.

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