Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Little miracles

Today was a beautiful day. Spring is really coming in nicely. Might just take some pics when the greenery and colours have really set in.

Was running a risk of being a tiny bit late for lectures this morning, and I'd thought of skipping my devotion time. But God spoke in that still, small voice and told me to just do it and not to worry.

"You'll get there on time," He said.

'OK then,' I thought.

So I read, and enjoyed it. After that, I went and caught the usual bus and whaddya know-- a bus ride that would normally take twenty minutes took only ten! I got to class early. God's faithful in everything, even the small details.

Anyway, just added an mp3 player to the sidebar. You can even choose what song you want. Will be adding more songs I like to it as time goes by, or as mood dictates. Possibly songs most of you wouldn't have heard of, or wouldn't have listened to, since I tend to listen to a lot of unknowns.

I'm musically quirky that way.

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