Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I remember when Netscape (which I heard pretty much 'died' in March) was the mainstay on my desktop, simply because I hated Internet Explorer's 'clunkiness'. Then I discovered Mozilla Firefox, and everything changed. Fast forward some years later, and things have moved on-- I ditched Netscape for Firefox, and everything's peachy now, especially with Firefox's recent v3.0 release. Well, one thing hasn't changed-- I still hate IE.

Why all the browser reminiscence? Well, I'm currently testing out Google's new browser, Chrome. I must say, I like how it handles so far. It has all (well, most) of the bells and whistles that make me love Firefox, and then a few more. That said, I don't really mind the loss of Firefox extensions, if only because I don't really use that many. I don't like clutter anyway. In any case, Chrome's still only in beta, but I think it could already be in the running as an alternative to my current fave. And that's saying something, since I love Firefox.

For you tech-heads who can appreciate the techno-jargon, here's a great webcomic explaining Google's make-and-take on their browser. Time will tell if Chrome turns out to be a contender in the browser wars, or whether it'll just be another curiosity.

Oh, and something fun-- here's a hilarious vid for fans of the original MGS. Profanity warning!

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Haha isn't it, though?

"Hurt me, Snake! Hurt me more!"

"Snake... when I was a little girl... I..."


"ok let's go."


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