Friday, October 13, 2006

Cornish slices

I love food. But it's a constant battle between self-control and enjoying whatever I feel like. And my latest adversary?


And I'm not one to exercise much. But today I figured-- why not walk a little further than I normally do? So I decided to get off the bus further from home than I normally would, and actually walked for about 15 minutes. I'm gonna try and squeeze in little walks like that more often. Not very much, but at least it's something.

At the very least, it might actually help me not be fatter when I get home. If I manage to lose a little weight, all the better.

In other news, check out the size of this pumpkin!

By Chester with 4 comments


i feel the same. ever since i got here it's just been eat eat eat.

i'm battling my addiction to chocolate. and i'm losing.

and are there lots of halloween decors popping up around where you live?

[josh] Oddly enough, no. Maybe later on?

that's one BBBBBBIIIIIIGGGGGG pumpkin!!! :p

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