Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's called reverence

Apparently I look "exotic" enough that most people don't make the connection between me and my uncle and aunt, i.e. that they're actually my uncle and aunt, and it's not just a term of endearment clung to by some desperate home-stay. Case in point-- a guy who came over to the house tonight for Bible study asked me, "Did you drive here?"

On a more annoyed note, I'm sick of all these new-age takes on Jesus as the sugar-daddy of blessings who turns a blind eye to sin. The artist of the piece below has this to say--

"Pop Culture Jesus is painting a bad picture of a 'Buffet-style Christianity', where you pick and choose what parts of Christianity you like and ignore that which you don't like. It sickens me. The Pop Culture Jesus is not the same Jesus I know -- the Jesus who drove merchants out of the Temple of God with a whip, flipping tables over in a frenzy because they turned God's house into a den of thieves. That Jesus is certainly not your "homeboy".

Jesus is the lover of souls, don't get me wrong. He is quick to forgive, and slow to anger, but it's dangerous to forget that Jesus is God, King of all Kings. He deserves to be regarded as such."

Now that, I want on a T-shirt.

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hey i love your layout and yes i agree on ur post there!

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