Monday, January 15, 2007

Definitely maybe

Well, my night is shot. In a good way, I mean. What can I say? I'm calmly ecstatic.

For those of you that have been paying attention, here's why--

My ex-best friend called.

I'd meant to get in touch with him, but it'd slipped my mind in the current exam rush. Imagine my utter shock when I answered my phone and he asked, "Is this Chester?" and told me it was him. For a split-second, it didn't register. When it hit me, I was actually speechless for another split-second. Most people would tell you that's no small feat. Hell, I actually stood up from my chair and kinda moved around the room like I was supposed to do something.

I'd always held out hope that we would one day reconcile. I'd prayed countless prayers and dreamed countless scenarios in my head about how it would happen. But nothing could have prepared me for the second I realized who I was talking to. I literally blurted out (and I quote):

"Oh my God, you're actually calling."

Our conversation is kind of a blur now, but after we caught up, we mostly just talked at random about nothing in particular. It was a throwback to the way we used to be.

It felt... good.

And at one point, we eased into the subject of why we had a falling out all those years ago. It wasn't so awkward, it wasn't too hard, and it was a lot less painful than I would've imagined. If anything, the years that have gone by made it easier to go over the details of what happened. And now it feels like we've come full circle. He did say to me at one point that he didn't know if we would ever become as close again as we once were, and that saddened me a bit. But who knows? I put years into our friendship before, plus I've waited this long for reconciliation... What's to stop me putting another crapload of years into rebuilding where we left off?

Remember how I said I couldn't see God's plan for me? Well, God really knows how to drastically change things. Just a few posts ago, I was nigh clinically depressed. But this new development has renewed my faith in how He works. Patience and trust in Him pays off, because the burden has been lifted, the wound has finally healed and the scar has finally disappeared.

And all I can do is thank Him.

By Chester with 2 comments


yes i've been paying attention.

this is wonderful news.

Yes, it is. This is turning out to be a great year after all.

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