Sunday, March 11, 2007

Winter's a b!tch

Ah yes, look around. People rushing from place to place, all aloof and apathetic and indifferent. Just another face in the crowd, I am. Buses rumbling past every 10 seconds, simultaneously making me wish I were deaf and fulfilling that wish. The continuously chilly days, the gloomy drizzles of rain every other day, the gusts of cold wind buffeting me making my eyes water. How bloody lovely all of it is.

And by "lovely" I mean stupid. And by "stupid" I mean CURSE YOU, WINTER! Curse you and your bitter temperatures! Ah, but what's this? Doth mine eyes deceive me? Flowers! In this cold?

And lookit! Daffodils! My cousin tells me they're a sign of an approaching Spring.

C'mon, Spring! Get here and make things warm up already, even if it's only a little bit! Kick Winter in the nads and send 'im packing!

Oh, to be back in Brunei's blissfully warm 30°C. I even miss the torrential rains!

Anyhoo, for you fellow Naruto fans, check it out-- Naruto kids!

Kakashi is just too cute.

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