Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Explanation time

I wasn't gonna post about the GH3 tournament as it's now common knowledge that I didn't make it through. But since everyone has been asking me how it happened, here's your answer.

The layout for the tournament was pretty much just a row of TVs.

The song we were doing for the knock-outs was Sunshine Of Your Love on Medium. I managed to ace the song in my first round. Second round came up, and the champion-to-be and I were assigned to TV 12. The volume on it was quite low, and the volume on TV 11 (the TV beside us) was pretty high, so it threw me off. Add to that the fact that the guys on TV 11 started playing before us, and you'll understand why the rhythm of their song distracted me enough for me to miss notes. I had to try very hard to hear the song from our TV but in the end, the damage had been done. So, no 100% and I lost.

Could I have won if the volume had been audible? Yes, I think so. Is this a case of sour grapes? No, because I'm just stating what happened, and I'm not bitter. At least, not anymore. Plus, Rano graciously apologized for the volume issue, so it's all good.

I guess it doesn't feel too bad to lose, but what really gets me is that in the end I didn't even get to play properly because of the low volume on a TV! But oh well. I fully intend to sign up for the April one (if there is a GH3 tournament). I didn't get a chance to give my all this time around, but hopefully I get to in April, eh?

Will I win that one? I'm honestly not sure. People will definitely be practising for it, and it'll definitely be more challenging come April. But this time around, I refuse to be knocked out by a technicality, and I intend to make sure I at least prove I'm a contender.

Keep practising, GH players. I definitely will be.

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