Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The primates calm

After marking one of my classes' work, it turned out that out of almost 40 students, only one of them managed to steel himself and avoid looking up the answers that were beckoning from the back of the textbook.

For that, he has got my respect.

So what did I do? I went in there and told them off. The next time someone looks at the answers, they get a nice well-rounded zero.

They took it pretty well. Stayed pretty quiet too. So maybe there's hope for them yet. Hopefully they pick up their socks and start doing some real work soon. 'Cause I quite like this class. Good bunch of kids.

Even if I did have to staple together all the answer pages at the back of each of their books.

By Chester with 4 comments


draconian :P

ches i have marking. yawnnnnnnnnn. 28 personal letters.

how funny,back in secondary, me and my friends cheated by looking at the back of the textbook a lot till our teacher caught us and TORE the answer sheets. >.< She said we'd never get to know how dumb or good we were if we keep on cheating. To end the story short. I'm a TESL student now but still the (professional) slacker of batch '06. heee~

I would've torn them out too, but my HOD said there would probably be some upset people...

Slacker eh? Welcome to my world.

I'm just wondering.... Was that my class? Cause it sure does sound like it

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