Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cluck cluck

I gave an exercise on proverbs to one of my classes yesterday. They had helping words and everything. Today I sat down and marked their work. Let me tell you, they came up with some doozies. One boy wrote "All that glitters is not for the gander." See? Women get all the glittery stuff. Another boy echoed his sentiment and put "What's good for the goose is good gold."

There were some surprisingly profound answers. One such serendipitous snippet of wisdom was given by one girl who wrote-- are you ready for this --"Silence is words". Stick that in your mindhole.

But my favourite by far would have to be "Actions speak louder than chickens." Makes no sense whatsoever but it cracks me up everytime.

By Chester with 2 comments


haha! i wish my kids were half as entertaining :).

oh my goodness Ches!! Whenever I need good entertainment or something to laugh about, from now on... I'll think about that last quote.

"Actions speaks louder than chickens!"

cool students u've got la!

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