Sunday, February 22, 2009


It sucks to be fat. OK, so maybe I'm not exactly struggling to fit into my jeans or wheezing when I climb stairs, but I am kinda stocky. After recently looking over some old photos and lamenting on my inevitable and painfully obvious (at least to me) weight gain due to "getting old", Lorene commented that I actually look better now. That is, I look better now that I'm "filled out", which is a nice way of saying I look better now that I'm chubby. It's a contention I disagree with, which is ironic since I always say the same thing to her.

See, I've wanted to lose weight ever since I got even slightly tubby. There have been times where I wondered what happened. Maybe puberty helped to stave off the weight, but once that was over, it seems my lack of exercise and post-pubescent sedentary gaming lifestyle caught up with me. Not that I didn't have that gaming lifestyle during puberty; I'm just saying if you sit around all day in front of the TV playing Final Tekken Chrono Suikoden Tactics VII or whatever, it helps to have a teenager's metabolism.

I downloaded Lose It! for my iPhone weeks ago but never really got down to using it. Today I decided to really give it a good look and I gotta say I'm pretty impressed with how comprehensive it is. It allows you to log what you eat, and provides calorie and nutrient breakdowns for a whole mess of foods. I could even log the KFC I had for lunch today, right down to which pieces of chicken I had (a thigh and a breast, if you must know. And yes, Ryan, I do like the breasts. Though not as much as I used to. ).

My preccccciousssssssssss....

I set my current weight and goal weight, and immediately got a daily calorie budget to follow. You can also log how much you exercise, which means I gotta start getting more active. Badminton is definitely a good thing; gotta make sure I commit myself more to it. I just want to get to the point where I don't feel self-conscious about my weight, and where I can fit into old jeans again. More importantly I want to be happy with the way I feel and look.

And stop having people poke fun at my weight. 

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