Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ninja VS Pirate

Who would win, and why?

By Chester with 7 comments


of course Ninja will win.. it's obvious enough.

ninja rocks! =D hehehehe...

Haha but your reason is not proof enough. ;p

pirates can only fight when they are at sea... :P (otherwise, they wont be called pirates). they use those funny looking sinbad-like swords and have hooks for hands.

on the other hand, ninja can fight anywhere... (lol). and they are 'invisible'. they have long sticks and those super cool razor sharp stuff they throw at their enemies and skills that pirates dont have.

Haha I agree. Ninjas are actually cooler. But I'm sure someone who loves pirates would have a good argument too.

rofl... everyone says ninja. ;)

Goodbye Captain Jack Sparrow! =D

Pirates (usually) have just-one-good-eye hence seeing their enemy would pose a challenge, much less fighting them. But then, their parrots can act as their eyes too. So... hmmm.... tough one.
And, their one wooden leg would slow them down in a fight too. Imagine dodging Ninja swipes and numchakus (wateva the spelling) and side stepping on a one-wooden leg?

So, its 2-0 to ninjas. Besides, they're more stealth-ier, more deadlier and way more cooler, in black of course.

But then... pirates have guns. Which ninjas could deflect with their swords... ok ok.... 3-0 to ninjas.

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