Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Plastics

I've decided. I can't stand loud rich teenage girls.

I went to watch Hairspray (for the second time) with a friend, and I was all ready to enjoy it again. Until a group of teen girls came in. And from the way they talked and carried themselves, you could tell they were either from ISB or JIS. Not that all girls from these schools are bad. But there's a certain stigma that sometimes goes with being an International School kid, and it's girls like those yesterday that tend to prove it's often true.

I mean, geez... talking and chatting and laughing and talking and rustling plastic bags and talking and getting up and switching seats and sitting down and did I mention the talking? And of course there was the swearing. Apparently wtf and b!tch were the phrases of the day. Also, it amazed me how shallow they were. At one point, one of the girls rightly called the character Amber a b!tch, and another one replied, "At least she's pretty, not like Tracy." (If you haven't watched Hairspray, Tracy Turnblad is the main character, and she's kinda portly). This girl sounds like an "Amber" herself. It made me sick just listening to her. She even blurted out, "Man, that b!tch is on crack", a comment that even her friends seemed shocked at.

Gosh, just remembering these Mean Girls rejects pisses me off. Let's change the subject, shall we?

So about that TelBru lucky draw thing I mentioned a while ago, here's how it went. I got there, and was shown into this small hall. Sat down, looked around, and watched other "winners" come in. You could tell which of them never look where they're walking because there was a small step near the entrance and two people fell flat on their face. I checked out the prizes sitting in one corner. They looked kinda crappy. Let's see-- 21" TV, washing machine, DVD players, and ooh, a fridge! Blenders, not bad... Water dispensers?! Seriously?

It was kinda boring waiting around, and it was made worse by the lady manning the laptop who felt the incessant need to play Kenny G and Enya. Once the ceremony began, they got the general manager (who looked eerily like Junichiro Koizumi) to come up and present the prizes. As people walked up to claim their prizes, Laptop Lady played some insanely sleepy elevator music. Aaaaaand I got a set of home theater speakers. Aifa.

Which ended up being a piece of shhhhhhhoddy workmanship. Aifa sucks. The right speaker didn't work, and the treble adjuster had two settings-- "muffled squawk" and "eardrum piercing". It now sits under my table, and I sometimes use it for a footrest.

Ahhh, footrest.

By Chester with 3 comments


Came across your blog from Blog flux. I am glad I found it, great blog!

Aren't inconsiderate ppl in cinemas just loathsome? One would think that being of a social standing that allows them to attend such good schools they would be classy and graceful enough to know how to act with proper decorum in a cinema.

I am an expat in Brunei, interesting read here. Will come back! :)

I didn't like Amber. She was the blandest plastic in the WORLD.

Her MOM, DAYME!!!!!


Hairspray was just OK, I found. I seriously just find Tracy really annoying.

Seaweed was hot though, and Queen Latifah is a goddess.

[Ainol] Hiya! Glad you like the blog.
[Sana] Yeah, Michelle Pfeiffer is quite the talented actress.

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