Monday, February 11, 2008

And so it begins...

The first day of TP wasn't half-bad. Granted, I didn't do much except watch since this first week will be observation, but I've already jumped (Read: been shoved) right in. I've been asked to help with the training for Wordplay, which is some English quiz competition thingy. Not that I mind too much. It's right up my alley. All we need are some crosswords, and I'll feel right at home.

I got to observe one of the two classes I'll be teaching come next week, and I have to say they're a pleasant bunch. They seem responsive enough, but then again, Mrs. Shaffee has always been a great teacher, so whether it's all their own personalities or just a response to her style remains to be seen. I gotta say though, that watching Mrs. Shaffee in class today brought me right back to my upper secondary days; I felt like a teenager again.

I can only hope to be even half as good as she is.

Mental note: Talk slower.

And of course, no day is complete without a little drama, and today's was the theft of two teachers' handbags from right under the noses of whoever had been in the staffroom at the time. It was quite unsettling... I don't think I'll be bringing any valuables to school anytime soon.

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